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Fri Jun 23 11:38:40 EDT 2006

 use the file, "dir.des.scop.txt_1.69"., for obtaining a classification
 For eg.,
 grep "1a4g" dir.des.scop.txt_1.69
  will output:
27600   px      b.68.1.1        d1a4ga_ 1a4g A:
27601   px      b.68.1.1        d1a4gb_ 1a4g B:

and you can get the classification number from it.

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On 6/22/06, Pankaj <pankaj at nii.res.in> wrote:
> Hi all,
> I have a few PDB ids.
> I want to know whether these structures are related or not.
> One way was to do it by calculating RMSD among all of them and seeing if
> they
> r related or not.
> Other way was to get their SCOP id's and comapre if they belong to same
> family.
> My question is given a PDB id, how do I get its SCOP id?
> Thanking all in advance,
> Pankaj Khurana
> Research Scholar
> National Institute of Immunology
> New Delhi
> India
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