[BiO BB] The Cancer Cell Map - a new human cancer pathway database

Gary Bader bader at cbio.mskcc.org
Wed Jun 28 16:50:41 EDT 2006


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The Cancer Cell Map is a selected set of human cancer focused pathways.


     * Biologists can browse and search the Cancer Cell Map pathways. 
View gene expression data on any pathway.
     * Computational biologists can download all pathways in BioPAX 
format for global analysis.
     * Software developers can build software on top of the Cancer Cell 
Map using the web service API.
     * Download and install the cPath pathway database software to 
create a local mirror of the Cancer Cell Map.
     * All data is freely available.

Released by the Computational Biology Center at Memorial Sloan-Kettering 
Cancer Center, in collaboration with Gary Bader's lab at the University 
of Toronto (http://baderlab.org). Pathway collection by the PandeyLab at 
Johns Hopkins University (http://pandeylab.igm.jhmi.edu) and the 
Institute of Bioinformatics (http://www.ibioinformatics.org).

Cancer Cell Map pathways are also available in the new NetPath database 
(http://www.netpath.org) created by the PandeyLab and the Institute of 
Bioinformatics. In addition to 10 cancer pathways, 10 immune signaling 
pathways are available, all of which are freely available in GenMAPP, 
PSI-MI and BioPAX formats at http://www.netpath.org. BioPAX is an 
emerging standard for pathway data exchange (http://www.biopax.org).

These pathways are unpublished at this time; please cite these websites 
until the pathways are described in a publication.

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