[BiO BB] CD-HIT beta testers?

Dan Bolser dmb at mrc-dunn.cam.ac.uk
Thu Mar 23 09:31:09 EST 2006


I am writing to this list to ask for help with 'beta testing' the latest 
version of CD-HIT. Weizhong Li recently released a new version, which 
you can find here...


(its 'cd-hit-2006-0215.tar.gz')

If anyone on this list uses (or has used) CD-HIT, they may like to help 
out on the 'CD-HIT team' (currently me running the website and Weizhong 
doing everything else!) by testing this release.

It would be very helpful if anyone can spare the time to check over this 
release, and write some general notes on the experience (what went 
wrong, what was not clear etc. etc.) and post those comments to the 
group mailing list,


At the moment any feedback on usage is welcome, as unfortunately I don't 
have the time to check this version in any detail. More generally, any 
assistance on the project is most welcome! Once we finish testing we can 
announce the new release on the 'News' section of Bioinformatics.Org, 
and it would be great to have a big list of people to thank for 
contributing to such great software. Anyone who wants to be added to the 
list of developers on the project please just email me your 
Bioinformatics.Org username!

Thanks very much for your time (and support),


P.S. I put a 'test set' of data here;


and you can find a list of the current (and possibly fixed!) bugs here;


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