[BiO BB] InterProscan XML output error

kannaiah at bsd.uchicago.edu kannaiah at bsd.uchicago.edu
Tue Nov 14 13:32:36 EST 2006


Anybody here use Interproscan anytime?
If so, I am wondering if you ever ran into an error like this: An xml output error.

Not sure whats going wrong here:(. Any ideas?

Thank you.

[root at cccluster iprscan]# /clusta/shah/local_progs/iprscan/bin/iprscan -cli
-appl hmmsmart -appl hmmpfam -i /clusta/shah/local_progs/iprscan/test.seq -o
SUBMITTED iprscan-20061114-12101842

        Iprscan job iprscan-20061114-12101842 failed and exit with status code 256
unavailable : No such file or directory
/clusta/shah/local_progs/iprscan/bin/iprscan_wrapper.pl: failed to send error to
administrator: no destination address
Tool:  iprscan
JobID: iprscan-20061114-12101842
Time:  Tue Nov 14 12:11:37 2006

supervise: doRawResults: failed to create XML output :

Job submission parameters:
DD              14
MM              11
YYYY            2006
appl            hmmsmart,hmmpfam
cmd             submit
crc             1
format          xml
frame           6
hh              12
jobid           iprscan-20061114-12101842
mm              10
nseqs           3
onego           1
remotehost      cccluster.uchicago.cc
seq.1.1.crc64   F94D07049A6D489D
seq.1.1.id      RS16_ECOLI
seq.1.1.len     82
seq.1.2.crc64   D44DAE8C544CB7C1
seq.1.2.id      Q9RHD9
seq.1.2.len     267
seq.1.3.crc64   CD84A335CCFFE6D7
seq.1.3.id      Y902_MYCTU
seq.1.3.len     446
seqtype         P
srchtype        interactive
ss              18
submission      cli
tool            iprscan

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