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The eCheminfo Community of Practice InterAction Meeting "Latest Advances in 
Drug Discovery & Development" will take place 16-19 October 2006, Bryn 
Mawr, Philadelphia, USA.

The eCheminfo InterAction meeting will discuss the latest developments in 
virtual screening, structure-based drug design, reaction planning, 
medicinal chemistry and predictive toxicology supporting decision making in 
drug discovery & development. The meeting brings together researchers, 
industry experts and managers, academics and solution providers with a 
common interest of improving the productivity and effectiveness of modeling 
and informatics methods in drug discovery, design and development. In 
addition to meeting presentations, significant time at meetings is reserved 
for panel discussions, workshops, and evening poster session and networking 

A parallel InnovationWell Meeting on "Innovation in Life Science & 
Healthcare Research & Product Development" will also take place at the same 
location on the same dates. The InnovationWell Program will be 
concentrating on themes of relevance to FDA's Critical Path initiative 
including topics in Knowledge Management in Clinical and Translational 
Research, Decision Support for R&D, Metabolomics, Predictive Toxicology and 
Biomarkers & Systems Biology approaches.

Confirmed Speakers at the Bryn Mawr meeting include:
Frank Hollinger (Locus Pharmaceuticals), Erin Duffy (Rib-X), Mike Malams 
(Wyeth), Debananda Das (NCI), Max Cummings (Johnson & Johnson PR&D), Lance 
Westerhoff (QuantumBio), Jose Duca (Schering-Plough), Osman Guner 
(Turquoise Consulting), Hege Beard (Schrodinger), Stan Young (NISS), John 
Irwin (UCSF), William Douglas Figg (NCI), Daryll Reid (Simbiosys), Gregory 
Warren (GlaxoSmithKline), Deepak Bandyopadhyay (Johnson & Johnson PR&D), 
Paul Hawkins (OpenEye), Chris Cooper (BMS), James Arnold (Astra-Zeneca), 
Phil Edwards (Astra-Zeneca), Pete Connolly (Johnson & Johnson PR&D), 
Michael Farnum (Johnson & Johnson PRD), Jim Wikel (Coalesix), Tudor Oprea 
(Univ. New Mexico), Alex Tropsha (UNC), Curt Breneman (RPI), Sanji Bhal 
(ACD/Labs), Michael Bolger (Simulations Plus), Bob Clark (Tripos), Gilles 
Klopman (Multicase), Navita Mallalieu (Roche Pharmaceuticals), Deepak 
Bandyopadhyay (Johnson & Johnson PR&D), Zentam Tsuchihashi (BMS), Peter 
Henstock (Pfizer), Darius Dziuda (Multivariate bioMarkers Discovery), Keith 
Elliston (Genstruct), Michael Jones (Novartis), Ansgar J. Pommer 
(SkinSysTec), Bernd Bonnekoh (Otto-von-Guericke-University), Michael 
Liebman (Windber Research Institute), Jonathan Sheldon (InforSense), Duane 
Shugars (Concentia Digital), Jian Wang (Biofortis), Peter Gates (Johnson & 
Johnson PR&D), Barry Hardy (Douglas Connect), Dennis Underwood (Praxeon), 
Jeff Spitzner (Rescentris), David Mosenkis (Spotfire), Joel Hoffman 
(IntraSphere), Delia Wolf (Harvard Medical School), Craig Liddell 
(Epacris), Joseph Bitran (Enterprizer), Alvin Berger (Metabolon), Gregory 
Banik (Bio-RAD), George Harrigan (Monsanto), Rick Beger (NCTR, FDA), Don 
Robertson (Pfizer), Teresa Garret (Duke University), Greg Maguire (SIDMAP), 
Bruce Kristal (Cornell University), Andrew Lane (JG Brown Cancer Center, U. 
Louisville), Eric Nemec (Leco Corporation), Oliver Fiehn (UC Davis Genome 
Center), Susan Connor (Glaxo SmithKline)

A poster session will take place on the evening of 18 October. Abstracts 
should be submitted to eCheminfo [at] douglasconnect.com

For those unable to attend the whole meeting special one or two day passes 
at reduced registration fee rates may be arranged with the conference 
secretariat. Academic discounts are offered.  (Please contact Nicki.Douglas 
[at] douglasconnect.com)

Program (as pdfs):
Latest Advances in Drug Discovery & Development
Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, PA (16-19 October 2006)
Innovation in Life Science & Healthcare Research & Product Development
Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia, PA (16-19 October 2006)

The detailed agenda for the meeting with linked abstracts are provided at 
the following links:

Updates are provided at the following Blog links:
Cheminfostream Blog:
Ferryman Blog

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Barry Hardy

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