[BiO BB] max mA in 2D-DIGE

Bart Boerjan Bart.Boerjan at student.kuleuven.be
Thu Oct 12 15:00:15 EDT 2006

dear colleague scientists,

I'm a university student in Belgium at the KUL. I'm working on proteomics 
now and one of the techniques I'm using is 2D-DIGE.

I would like to run a strip in second dimension loaded (via IEF) with 
bacterial cellular peptides. normally we adjust the mA so that the gel runs 
for about 13 hours. this afternoon we tried for the first time 72mA (instead 
of 24) for a tank with two gels (so 36mA per gel) and after two hours the 
tracking dye was already half of the gel, so i wondered could a seperation 
that goes this fast cauze complications?

I found his mailing list via google search, and I hope maybe one of you can 
answer me, or share an experience


Bart Boerjan
Korte Vooruitgangstraat 8
8310 Assebroek-Belgium

Bart.Boerjan at student.kuleuven.Be
Barten15 at hotmail.com 

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