[BiO BB] Using Bioconductor to analyse Microarray data set

Ann Loraine aloraine at gmail.com
Wed Oct 18 21:06:39 EDT 2006


It depends in part on the number of arrays you're dealing with.

My Mac laptop (G3, ~ 1 gig memory) can process 20 CEL files (Affy rat
230, RMA, quantile normalization) in a reasonable time. (I did this
tonite -- I started the job, ate my dinner, and when I had finished
the meal, the job was done :-)


On 10/18/06, Xiaowei JIANG <xiaowei.jiang at msn.com> wrote:
> Dear fellows,
> I would appreciate that if anyone can share your experience using
> Bioconductor to analysis Microarray data with me.
> --Do you have any experience with the execution speed and time with specific
> large Microarray data set (around 30,000 features)?
>   or say with a typical workstation configuration:3GHz Intel P4 CPU, 1GB DDR
> RAM, 128 DDR RAM Graphic Card GPU 500GHz?
> --Can Bioconductor handle a extremely large data set?
> --Any other comments?
> Kind regards,
> Xiaowei JIANG
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