[BiO BB] Biotechnology and Bioinformatics Symposium (BIOT-2006)

Mark Clement clement at cs.byu.edu
Tue Sep 12 16:04:49 EDT 2006

We invite you to participate in the Biotechnology and Bioinformatics  
Symposium (BIOT-2006) on October 20-21 in Provo Utah. The symposium  
will include a keynote discussion on the use of knockout mice in drug  
development as well as discussions of the the Cancer Biomedical  
Informatics Grid (caBIG). Accepted papers will be presented  
describing research into Pharmagenomics, cost effective genotyping,  
human genomic sequencing, protein-DNA interactions, hardware for exon  
prediction, protein folding, data mining and secondary structure  

October 20-21, 2006
Provo, Utah

Dr. Mark Clement
Department of Computer Science
Brigham Young University
3370 TMCB
Provo, Utah 84602
(801) 422-7608
clement at cs.byu.edu

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