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rsquir richard.squires at utsouthwestern.edu
Tue Apr 10 21:29:53 EDT 2007

Hello Guenter,

In short, yes we are!

I am the person responsible for the influenza component of the  
BioHealthBase Bioinformatic Resource Center (BRC). We are a free  
integrated bioinformatics resource supporting influenza researchers.  
We are currently working on including the crucial improvements to  
GenBank sequence curation that you refer to. We also include a number  
of other data types including curated and predicted epitopes and  
polymorphism analysis.

We are always on the look out for additional high quality data to  
incorporate into the system. I would like to hear any ideas you have.

Our website is http://www.BioHealthBase.org

Please contact me at richard.squires at utsouthwestern.edu with  
questions and comments.

Thanks for the interest!

Burke Squires

On Apr 9, 2007, at 9:16 PM, Sterten at aol.com wrote:

> is someone working to improve the influenza databases from   
> genbank,lanl
> (i.e. H5N1) ?
> is someone writing software to process these databases for all  
> kinds of
> statistics ?
> is someone interested to exchange (partial) flu databases in improved,
> computer readable format ?
> I'd like to get updates of the whole database (~50000 records, 70MB, 
> 10MB
> compressed)
> and work with them offline rather than using the online tools.
> Guenter
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Burke Squires
BioHealthBase BRC, Influenza Specialist
UT Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas
richard.squires at utsouthwestern.edu
Office (214) 648-4952

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