[BiO BB] hi, I'm Fran from Spain and I'm trying to make a website about bioinformatics & biology tools (web based)

Francisco G.P. crishnakh at gmail.com
Mon Apr 30 13:02:53 EDT 2007

Hi, my name is Fran and I'd like to talk about bioScripts 
(http://www.bioscripts.net). It's a website about bioinformatic and 
biology, and it grows slowly because I'm alone in the proyect. I'd like 
to make a dictionary of biology terms (BioDic, 
http://www.bioscripts.net/biodic/) that include terms in other 
languajes, it is working in beta version, and only in Spanish but coming 
soon I'll try to implement other languajes, I need more time to make all 
the things I want. Ther are a lot of proyects I want to continue as 
"Yerbarium" a system to menage your colecctions of plants, a data base 
to introduce plants from all kind of places and his determinations keys 
(sorry for my english, i'm spanish).  Other proyects are "Randorium", 
BioQuotes, Biotheory, BioInfo (a Biowiki), BioBio (biographies)... and more.

If someone is interested in this proyect and want to participate, only 
have to send me a e-mail...

PD: Sorry for my English, I'm spanish (again)

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