[BiO BB] First announcement: 5th Annual Cytoscape Public Symposium and Developers Retreat]

Gary Bader bader at cbio.mskcc.org
Wed Jul 18 09:36:03 EDT 2007

*_5th Annual Cytoscape Public Symposium and Developers Retreat _*
Amsterdam - Netherlands

*November 8, 2007: Public Symposium:*

*/Integrative Bioinformatics:
  At the cutting edge of network analysis and biological data integration/*

*Leroy Hood* -Institute of Systems Biology
*Ewan Birney* - European Bioinformatics Institute
*Peter Sorger* - Harvard University
*Trey Ideker* - University of California, San Diego
*Chris Sander* - Memorial-Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center
*Benno Schwikowski* - Institute Pasteur
*Andrew Hopkins*--Pfizer Global Research & Development*

*November 6,7 and 9, 2007: Developers retreat *

*Department of Human Genetics, **Academic** **Medical** **Center*
*University of Amsterdam**, **Netherlands*

  We are pleased to announce the forthcoming 2007 Cytoscape Symposium and
Retreat to be held at the Academic Medical Center, University of
Amsterdam , Netherlands on 6-9 Nov 2007. More information, updates and
registration will be available at:


This years meeting is particularly exciting since it is the first time
it will be held in Europe, specifically in the vibrant historic city of
Amsterdam. 'Floating' on a web of canals, with its unique combination of
old-world charm and cosmopolitan culture, Amsterdam is one of the most
popular European cities for international visitors.

To reach Cytoscape's large European user base a Public Symposium will be
held on November 8th for which there is a formidable list of confirmed
speakers. Apart from the Symposium the retreat consists of hands-on
demo's, user-training sessions  and informal, technically focused
developer meetings:

     * *Tues 6th Nov:*      Cytoscape Developer's Discussions
     * *Wed 7th Nov:*       *Application showcase, hands-on sessions,
       tutorials *
     * *Thur 8th Nov:*       */Public Symposium/*
     * *Fri 9th Nov:*          Development of Cytoscape Roadmap for 2007,

The Symposium on the 8th is of general interest to both biologists and
informaticians. Current and future users of Cytoscape are invited to
visit the Application showcase on the 7th also. The developers days are
targeted at the core developers of Cytoscape and plugins.

We hope that you can join us!

The Organizing Committee, 5^th Cytoscape Retreat 2007

Annette Adler   - Agilent Technologies
Piet Molenaar   - Human Genetics Department AMC
Guy Warner     - Unilever

/Contact/: cytoretreat at cytoscape.org <mailto:cytoretreat at cytoscape.org>/

/The retreat is supported by/:

Unilever (www.unilever.com <http://www.unilever.com/>)
Netherlands Bioinformatics Center (NBIC) ( www.nbic.nl
Agilent ( www.agilent.com <http://www.agilent.com/>)

/About Cytoscape:/
Cytoscape (www.cytoscape.org <http://www.cytoscape.org/>) is an open
source bioinformatics software platform for */visualizing/* molecular
interaction networks and */integrating /*these interactions with gene
expression profiles and other state data. The software architecture
enables adaptation of Cytoscape functionality to the specific needs of
biologists and bioinformaticians. It is jointly developed by the groups
of Benno Schwikowski (Pasteur Institute, Paris), Trey Ideker (University
of California San Diego), Chris Sander (Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer
Center), Lee Hood (Institute of Systems Biology, Seattle), Annette Adler
(Agilent Technologies, Santa Clara, CA) and Bruce Conklin
(Gladstone/UCSF, GenMAPP).

PS: Excuse us for cross-posting; we're trying to avoid this as much as
possible. However, to reach a large audience we decided to include
several relevant maillists.

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