[BiO BB] Genbank file conversion to GCG format

Peter Rice pmr at ebi.ac.uk
Fri Jul 20 04:44:27 EDT 2007

Sterten at aol.com wrote:
> was ist GCG ?

"The Wisconsin Package" from Accelrys - originally academic software 
from the University of Wisconsin Genetics Computer Group, but a 
commercial package for many years.

Those of us who remember the old days still call it GCG ... partly 
because the package has changed name so many times. Its home page is now 
http://www.accelrys.com/products/gcg/ (so they do still use the old name 
too :-)

They invented their own file formats with a "checksum" line marked by 
".." at the end. Documentation is above this line, and only sequence below.


Peter Rice

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