[BiO BB] eCheminfo Drug Discovery Workshop, Oxford, September 10-14

Barry Hardy barry.hardy at vtxmail.ch
Tue Jul 31 07:48:44 EDT 2007

We are holding an eCheminfo Drug Discovery Workshop week at Oxford
University, UK the week of 10-14 September 2007.

The approach will be hands-on using leading drug discovery software
packages, accompanied by practitioner-led lectures and discussions of
the methods worked on by the group.

Topics to be covered: Virtual Screening & Docking; Pharmacophore
Derivation, Elucidation and Searching, Applications of Filtering and
Similarity in Virtual Screening, Focused Library Design, Analysing
Chemical Databases using Advanced Structure Searching and Structure
Based Predictions, Protein Modelling, Pediction of Pharmacological
Properties and QSAR Analysis, Latest advances in ADME & Predictive
Toxicology; Pharmacokinetics & Pharmacodynamics and Physiological-based

More information:

Program (as pdf):
Program & Schedule with Abstracts & Bios:

If interested, please make your reservation soon as the size of the
group is limited and we have a limited number of places remaining.

best regards
Barry Hardy
eCheminfo Community of Practice Manager

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Douglas Connect
Zeiningen, CH-4314
Tel: +41 61 851 0170
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