[BiO BB] how to build a prediction website

Andrea Monti amonti at unich.it
Sat Mar 17 12:14:27 EDT 2007

Hello Li Xue

To build a website you need to choose:

1 - the evironment (personally, I like FreeBSD, is robust and secure,
but Linux too is an option)
2 - a web server (suggestion: Apache2)
3 - a programming language (Perl should fit your needs. If you want to
handle a data-base, then the "dynamic duo" is MySQL/PHP)
4 - a text editor (plenty of that under all platform: dana for windows,
textwrangler for MacOSX, emacs for *NIX)
You also need to host your website, then you should look for a static IP
or a (sub)domain and a computer that hosts the site.

Hope that helps.
Andrea Monti

Li Xue wrote:
> Hello all,
> I want to write my interface prediction algorithm into a website so
> that the user can submit a protein sequence and get the prediction
> results online.
> I have never build a website before.
> Would you please recommend what language should I use and what
> procedure should I follow? Thank you.
> Li
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