[BiO BB] how to visit NCBI Blast and get the plain text result using script

Dr. Christoph Gille christoph.gille at charite.de
Wed Mar 21 05:58:42 EDT 2007

I have done this EBI blast.
I guess it is also possible NCBI.
You can get it in computer readable form (XML) or in
human readable form.
Your script needs to send the POST data i.e. the
query sequence and the other settings.
Check the man pages of wget or w3m for this.
Depending on your favorite computer language you
can use tool-kits. They make thinks much more convenient
for you. I would highly recomend to use one of those.
Python: Biopython,
Perl: Bioperl,
Java: STRAP, Biojava
Ruby: BioRuby
Good luck!

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