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Subject: [mea-users] Genes to Cognition database release
Date: Friday 23 November 2007 04:28
From: Maksym Kopanitsa <mvk at sanger.ac.uk>
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Dear MEA users community,

I would like to draw your attention to the first release of the Genes
 to Cognition database at http://www.genes2cognition.org/db/

I believe many of you could find it a useful resource integrating slice
plasticity as well as behavioural data from many transgenic mouse

Please note that the database uses MGI gene names (e.g. "Dlg4" rather
than "psd95"), so keep this in mind when browsing.

Below is the short introduction from the web-site.


G2Cdb is an integrated database of neuroscience research focused on
molecular mechanisms and diseases of cognition. It captures the
experimental data output of the WT-funded Genes to Cognition Programme
(G2C), systematic curation of the published literature, and data
submitted directly to G2Cdb by investigators worldwide.

It focuses on the phenotyping of knockout mouse models using
 behavioural tests and electrophysiological analysis of synaptic
 function, in order to elucidate the role of genes potentially involved
 in cognition. It also includes data obtained from complementary
 studies of human gene sequence variation, from genotyping patients
 with psychiatric disorders (by G2C) and from the published human gene
 mutation literature.

Many thanks for your attention,
Maksym Kopanitsa
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