[BiO BB] [Reactome-announce] Ver 22 released!

Gopinathrao, Gopal gopinath at cshl.edu
Tue Sep 4 19:14:29 EDT 2007

Version 22 of the Reactome Knowledgebase has been released and is accessible at   http://www.reactome.org! 

Reactome is a curated knowledgebase  developed and  maintained by the Reactome Knowledgebase team (Lincoln Stein's group at CSHL and Ewan Birney's group at  European Bioinformatics Institute). Reactome covers human biological processes ranging from basic pathways of metabolism to complex events such as hormonal signaling and apoptosis. The information in Reactome is provided by expert bench biologists, and edited and managed as a relational database by the Reactome staff. New material is peer-reviewed and revised as necessary before publication to the web. Reactome entries are linked to corresponding ones in NCBI, Entrez Gene, RefSeq, OMIM, Ensembl genome annotations, HapMap, UCSC Genome Browser, KEGG, ChEBI and Gene Ontology (GO). 

New topics released in Version 22 include  Botulinum neurotoxicity,  Membrane trafficking and  Metabolism of vitamins, pathways for HIV Nef protein interactions (HIV infection pathway),  Immunoregulatory interactions (Immune signaling pathway) and AMPK regulation of fatty acid oxidation (Integration of energy metabolism pathways). 

A new tool,  Reactome Mart, is available for comprehensive datamining. Reactome Wiki is available for editing documentation by the user community. As before, Reactome data can be exported in SMBL, Protégé, and BioPAX level 2 formats. 

Protein-protein interaction datasets derived from curated human and predicted non-human events are available. A SOAP based Web Services API is also available along with other resources to access the Reactome data. Links to these are on the Download page.

The standard display feature allows the user to choose the focus species annotations - curated (for human) and electronically inferred (for 22 other species).  Updated release statistics and the Editorial Calendar are available. 

Like everything in Reactome, these downloaded and exported materials can be reused and redistributed freely.  For questions and comments please reply to this message or write to help at reactome.org

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