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*10th Bologna Winter School*
*New Paradigms for a new science* 

*Bologna - Italy*
2-6 February 2009  
URL: http://www.biocomp.unibo.it/school  

In the post-genome era the vast mass of biological data is growing more 
than ever before. The creation of automatic and "intelligent" tools that 
can help to organize, analyze and unravel the underlying information is 
one of the most wonted and less solved problems in biological sciences. 
Pushing forward current boundaries between existing solutions and 
innovative ideas is the only way to fill the gap between what we know 
and what we understand. Moreover, great expectations have been generated 
in different fields by the increasing role and impact of computer 
science in processing and analyzing terabytes of data. Machine Learning 
methods are among the most successful computational tools that have been 
introduced so far in Computational Biology.
The 10^th edition of the Bologna Winter School in Bioinformatics will 
provide comprehensive overview of different Machine Learning fields in 
the light of their common probabilistic framework. The programme starts 
with an introduction to Graphical Models that are the unifying formalism 
on which most of the current machine learning methods can be described. 
Dynamical Bayesian networks with specific application to the 
reconstruction of biological networks will be then discussed. An 
introduction to the hidden Markov models will explain the details of the 
these highly successful probabilistic models. Finally two days are 
devoted at the Statistical learning models such as Support Vector 
Machines and andvanced Neural Networks.
These different one-morning tutorials will be followed by general 
lectures describing the most recent and successful applications in 
Computational Biology.

Florence d'Alché -Buc
University of Evry-Val-d'Essonne
Evry, FR

Paolo Frasconi
Universityof Florence
Florence, IT

Dmitrij Frishman
Technical University
Munich, DE

Roderic Guigò
University "Pompeu Fabra"
Barcelona, ES

David T. Jones
University College
London, UK

Anders Krogh
University of Copenhagen
Copenhagen, DK

Arthur Lesk
PennState University
University Park, USA

Gianluca Pollastri
University College
Dublin, IE

Massimiliano Pontil
University College
London, UK

Anna Tramontano
University "La Sapienza"
Roma, IT

Alfonso Valencia
Centro Nacional de Investigaciones Oncológicas
Madrid, ES

*Contact:*  school2009 at biocomp.unibo.it 
<mailto:school2008 at biocomp.unibo.it>

For Application send a short C.V. to  school2009 at biocomp.unibo.it.
You will be notified by  e-mail of acceptance. 

Deadline for application:   *January 20, 2009*

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