[BiO BB] Develop WebService Client to Access PDB by Python

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Sun Jun 15 04:35:42 EDT 2008

We are happy to start BWW tutorial session this week. You are welcome to
share your tutorials with BWW members using your Blogs and/or sending your
files to info at bioinformaticsworldwide.com.

Today's tutorial is taken from Thuang's Blog. To know more about Thuang's
profile please visit
Thuang wrote : " This project is one of my practices: developing a
WebService client (normally a web page running on local server) to access
public biological database (e.g., PDB). I want to learn and use Python,
WebService, CGI, and HTML in this one. I will record each procedure as
to read Thang's Tutorial : Develop WebService Client to Access PDB by
Python,please click here  or copy paste this link in your browser

You too you can see your tutorials shared between all BWW members, all you
have to do is to write them on your blogs.

Sincerely yours,

BWW team

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