[BiO BB] cophenetic correlation

Mike Marchywka marchywka at hotmail.com
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With regards to this request specifically and in general, if you could post a link to a paper or web page
that describes the underlying algorithm, you might reach a wider audience ( who may not know they have 
a solution ). As far as that goes, I often "re-invent the wheel" and you may find someone who has
something close he could adapt ( obvious caveats would apply but if you are really stuck for something
free that may be a good collaboration op).

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> Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2008 18:34:42 +0530
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> Subject: [BiO BB] cophenetic correlation
> A collegaue of mine wants to analyse the cophenetic correlation (the
> significance between the original similarity/dissimilarity matrix and the
> dendrogram genetic distance matrix) and also to do the Mantel's Test to
> correlate the phenograms of different parameters. NTSYSpc, Numerical
> Taxonomy System, Version 2.2 is a software that does this, but is licenced.
> Anyone knows a free software alternative ?
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> Achuthsankar S Nair
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