[BiO BB] sample code available for download

Mike Marchywka marchywka at hotmail.com
Sun Mar 9 19:16:32 EDT 2008


I had gotten some interest in the code that I mentioned in prior posts.
I was working on a website-related project so I thought I would go ahead and
make sample code available. If you go to this link,


you will get a very short set of examples followed by a rather non-professional-by-design disclaimer and
then a form. The form requests an e-mail address to which zip files can be downloaded.
All of this stuff is very much "in-progress" and certainly NOT documented to any great extent
( there were a couple pieces of code I needed to fix/comment out to get "make all" to complete cleanly
but everything finally did seem to build. I am aware, however, of at least one hard coded path and there
are probably a bunch of little things that would need to be adapted. 
The scripts may not all function as I excluded many special  purpose support scripts for idiosyncratic features.
There are some easily identifiable paths that you would have to change too ).
There may also be a variety of "dead-end" code pieces that I may have left in even though they
are no longer useful for anything.
Personally, I think some of the string processing stuff is interesting but otherwise not too sure.
The makefiles pretty much document what is available and the scripts download contains some ",doc" files that may be of assistance.
I am currently blocking gmail,hotmail, and yahoo to test some db features but I'm not
sure when to open these up- if you have an ISP or institutional address that would help.
I hope to record the mail addresses and related request info just for reference and testing.

Mike Marchywka
586 Saint James Walk
Marietta GA 30067-7165
404-788-1216 (C)<- leave message
989-348-4796 (P)<- emergency only
marchywka at hotmail.com
Note: If I am asking for free stuff, I normally use for hobby/non-profit
information but may use in investment forums, public and private.
Please indicate any concerns if applicable.
Note: Hotmail is possibly blocking my mom's entire
ISP - try  me on marchywka at yahoo.com if no reply
here. Thanks.

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