[BiO BB] Fungal genefinding hints needed

mmiller at mail.usp.edu mmiller at mail.usp.edu
Sat Mar 15 13:30:36 EDT 2008

Hello, BBB.

A am trying to annotate a recently completed fungal genome.  I have been able to train GLimmerHMM against Aspergillus, scan my genome and generate a list of exons.  But that's the extent of my experience so far.

? Are the other genefinders I should be trying?  I had trouble compiling GeneZilla.
? Are there existing programs that can use a genomic FASTA file and  Glimmer coordinates to write out protein sequences in FASTA format?  Or do people in my position usually write their own script?
? Are there good on-line discussion groups for this sort of topic? 


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