[BiO BB] TopMatch protein structure alignment and superposition web service

Markus Wiederstein markii at came.sbg.ac.at
Mon Mar 31 04:21:18 EDT 2008

We announce the release of TopMatch-web, a public web service for the alignment and superposition of protein structures and the instant
+visualization of structural similiarities.

We believe that TopMatch is an exceptionally effective, accurate, and enjoyable program for the investigation of protein structure similarities.

For further information and instructive examples see
Sippl & Wiederstein (2008)
A Note on Difficult Structure Alignment Problems.
Bioinformatics 24, pp. 426-427

TopMatch-web is available as a public web service at http://topmatch.services.came.sbg.ac.at.


The TopMatch Team
Center of Applied Molecular Engineering
University of Salzburg

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