[BiO BB] What is your favorite journal in the field of computational structural biology?

Nir London nir at rosettadesigngroup.com
Sat Apr 25 11:13:37 EDT 2009

Following the success of our previous poll which was followed by an  
extensive and interesting discussion, and in order to better our  
Bi(Tri,..)-Weekly Digests, we present a new poll which will determine  
once and for all, which is the best journal for the computational  
structural biologist.


Of course we’re all reading all of the journals mentioned, and  
certainly each has its own benefits. There is also the question if by  
“favorite” journal we mean where would you like to publish, or which  
are you enjoying reading the most? We know the question isn’t  
adequately defined. Nontheless, we urge you to pick one and try to  
explain in the comments what makes that journal special.

Nir London.


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