[BiO BB] Creating animation from data?

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Tue Aug 25 07:40:25 EDT 2009

> Date: Tue, 25 Aug 2009 07:32:32 +0100
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> To: bbb at bioinformatics.org
> Subject: Re: [BiO BB] Creating animation from data?
> 2009/8/23 Rohan Sachdeva :
>> Hi all,
>> I have time series data. TRFLP from environmental bacterial samples to be
>> exact. The outputs look like this
>> http://fuhrmanlab.usc.edu:60000/images/5mtrflp.jpg
>> I would like that animate the data from month but using the actual data and
>> not just images so it looks like a smooth animation through time. Is there
>> anything out there that can do this?
> You can do this with imagemagick or ffmpeg (or both!)... Probably lots
> of other tools too!

What do you mean by "using the data?" You want to end up
with a video file and then you want some way to generate the intermediate frames? You are looking for a tool to interpolate or annotate spectra?
Certainly there are tools for composing video from snapshots but it
isn't clear that is the problem. Do you really want some interactive data viewer or just a video? 

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