[BiO BB] COMPBIO'09 call for papers: extended deadline

Pier Luigi Martelli gigi at biocomp.unibo.it
Thu Jan 22 08:50:56 EST 2009

Announcement: Paper submission deadline extended to February 6th.
Please consider to contribute and encourage your team members and fellow 
scientists to contribute to the following event.

Breaking Frontiers of Computational Biology 2009 

Held in conjunction with
2009 ACM International Conference on Computing Frontiers
18-20 May 2009 - Ischia, Italy

In the post-genomic era the vast mass of biological data is growing more 
than ever before. The creation of automatic tools and techniques to 
organize, analyze and, most of all, unravel the underlying information 
is one of the most searched and less well solved problems in biological 
and computational sciences. Pushing forward current boundaries between 
existing solutions and innovative ideas is the only way to fill the gap 
between what we know and what we understand.
The main goal of this workshop is to provide to researchers from 
computational and biological disciplines a meeting point to present and 
discuss their ideas and innovative solutions to old unsolved problems 
and new challenges concerning computational issues in biology, with a 
particular focus on heuristic and approximated algorithms, machine 
learning and other soft computing methods.

Authors are invited to submit papers in one of the following technical 

• Automatic methods for analysis of biological data: sequence analysis,
promoter analysis and identification of transcription factor binding 
sites, gene expression data analysis,
alternative splicing analysis
• Methods for the unsupervised analysis, validation of structures 
discovered in bio-molecular data
• Prediction of protein structures
• Methods for comparative genomics
• Algorithms for molecular evolution and phylogenetic analysis
• Mathematical modelling and simulation of biological systems
• Heterogeneous data integration and data fusion for diagnostics
• Bio-molecular databases and data mining
• Software tools for bioinformatics

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