[BiO BB] Pipeline Tool

Daniel Xavier de Sousa danielucg at yahoo.com.br
Tue Oct 6 09:32:24 EDT 2009

Hi Everybody,

I'm looking for a tool for run Genome Project. In other words, I want a system web to submit chromatogram, and process on it bases calling (PHRED), vector cleaning  (CROSS_MATCH), clustering (CAP3) and annotation (BLAST) - PIPELINE. And I would like to see all data on graphic interface.

I have tried many others tools, as ESTWeb. But all them have different problems: the project has finished, there is not support, there is no lab using,...

I have searched Google, Bioinformatics.ORG, ... But,I`m asking here because I would like to get some one that there are labs using it.

No matter if the tool is comercial (have to pay for it). I really want resolve my problem of pipeline process.

Can anyone, suggest one? 

-Daniel Xavier de Sousa
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