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>> Thanks a lot=2C guys=2C for the detailed messages=2C which is very helpfu=
> l. Now I
>> know where to start at least.
>> My understanding is that platform decides which tools / frameworks would =
> be
>> available to you. So that is a big decision for a starter...
 I really depends on what you mean by tools and models versus views.
 And API is more concerned with the information part rather than
 the human viewing thing. If you provide that the tools are generally
 available everywhere and much more versatile. If you provide vendor-specifi=
 pictures or human readable views only=2C you reduce the ability of the user
 to process your data in an automated ad hoc manner. Without knowing specifi=
 cally what you are doing but assuming it has something to do
 with information=2C I would try to consider an information-providing API
 early on rather than jump into more constraining view formats.=20

 Certainly the first question would be something like=2C "is my information
 a dead end or would people want to integrate it with other data and
 processing methods?" If it isn't a dead end data set=2C you really help
 make it available with an API not just a Flash app.=20
>> Robert
>> On Fri=2C Sep 25=2C 2009 at 3:00 PM=2C Chris Upton wrote:
>>> And remember=2C large numbers in the life sciences and in bioinformatics=
> use
>>> Mac OS X.
>>> Chris
>>> On 9/25/09 11:34 AM=2C "J.W. Bizzaro" wrote:
>>> Hi Robert=2C
>>> The separation of server-side software (e.g.=2C PHP=2C ASP=2C etc.) from
>>> client-side software (browser and plugin) is an aspect of the Web that h=
> as
>>> made it so flexible and successful. As long as the software that you cho=
> ose
>>> to run on the client-side (e.g.=2C JavaScript and plugins such as Flash=
> =2C etc.)
>>> is widely supported on multiple platforms=2C it doesn't matter what you =
> choose
>>> to run on the server-side.
>>> So=2C you can set up a server that runs on Windows=2C Mac OS=2C Linux=2C=
> Commodore
>>> 64=2C or whatever=2C and people can access your site on any platform tha=
> t
>>> supports the client software that you use=2C if you even use anything be=
> yond
>>> HTML.
>>> Technically speaking=2C many bioinformatics portals work on the
>>> "model-view-controller" (MVC) paradigm=2C intentionally or not. Here's s=
> ome
>>> more information on the topic:
>>> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Model-view-controller
>>> Applied to the Web=2C the model resides on the server (e.g.=2C in MySQL)=
> =2C while
>>> the view and controller reside on the client (e.g.=2C browser and plugin=
> ).

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