[BiO BB] How can I find reliable database of Human 3' UTRs ?

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Hi Kieslowski,

for the 3'UTR, for my experience, i think the annotation from refseq is more accurate, and so more reliable, but it might loose some 3'UTRs which are real and annotated by Ensembl but missing in refseq. For Ensembl annotation, it's true there are many more Transcripts with annotated 3'UTR comparing with refseq anntation. which database to choose, it just depends.


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>Hello kieslowski
>Try biomart of Ensembl. choose the Homo sap. option and choose the Ensembl gene (anyway the default), on features choose the UTRs and then click results. If you have a limited number of gene list, you can paste it in the box just beneath the gene/transcript etc. option. If you find it difficult there are tutorial on the Ensembl website itself and possibly on the YouTubes as well.
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>> Subject: [BiO BB] How can I find reliable database of Human 3' UTRs ?
>> Dear BBB forum members
>> For my thesis, I was looking for reliable database of Human 3' UTRs. 
>> Could someone please help me for that. I would really appreciate.
>> Thanks
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