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Hi all,

I'm pleased to announce the acceptance of OBF's 2010 Google Summer of
Code students, listed in alphabetical order with their project titles
and primary mentors:

Mark Chapman (PM Andreas Prlic) - Improvements to BioJava including
Implementation of Multiple Sequence Alignment Algorithms

Jianjiong Gao (PM Peter Rose) - BioJava Packages for Identification,
Classification, and Visualization of Posttranslational Modification of

Kazuhiro Hayashi (PM Naohisa Goto) - Ruby 1.9.2 support of BioRuby

Sara Rayburn (PM Christian Zmasek) - Implementing Speciation &
Duplication Inference Algorithm for Binary and Non-binary Species Tree

Joao Pedro Garcia Lopes Maia Rodrigues (PM Eric Talevich) - Extending
Bio.PDB: broadening the usefulness of BioPython's Structural Biology

Jun Yin (PM Chris Fields) - BioPerl Alignment Subsystem Refactoring

Congratulations to our accepted students!

All told, we had 52 applications submitted for the 6 slots (5
originally assigned, plus 1 extra) allotted to us by Google.
Proposals were extremely competitive: 6 out of 52 translates to an
11.5% acceptance rate.  We received a lot of really excellent
proposals, the decisions were not easy.

Thanks very much to all the students who applied, we very much
appreciate your hard work.

Here's to a great 2010 Summer of Code, I'm sure these students will do
some wonderful work.

Rob Buels
OBF GSoC 2010 Administrator

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