[BiO BB] How can I obtain TRANSFAC

Ketil Malde ketil.malde at imr.no
Wed Apr 28 01:07:50 EDT 2010

"wangk at chgc.sh.cn" <wangk at chgc.sh.cn> writes:

> I need TRANSFAC (http://www.gene-regulation.com/pub/databases.html) to
> predicate TFs and their TFBSs, but confused in finding out how can I obtain
> the TRANSFAC dataset.

I believe TRANSFAC is proprietary.  An alternative might be Jaspar.
>From http://jaspar.genereg.net/

  The JASPAR CORE database contains a curated, non-redundant set of
  profiles, derived from published collections of experimentally defined
  transcription factor binding sites for eukaryotes. The prime difference
  to similar resources (TRANSFAC, etc) consist of the open data acess,
  non-redundancy and quality.  

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