[BiO BB] Programmatic access to pubmed

Paolo Romano paolo.romano at istge.it
Wed Apr 28 11:29:16 EDT 2010

Hello Manjula,

you may be interested in testing PubClust at:
http://biocomp.o2i.it/bioCOMP/main.php?object=application_toMine&action=view .

It's a clustering system aimed at group results from pubmed by 
similarity of terms in abstracts and authors.
You could, e.g., query for
Cancer Metabolomics NMR
and have results grouped by similarity of abstracts' contents.

Ciao. Paolo

At 08.11 28/04/2010, Manjula P. Thimma wrote:
>Dear All,
>I am heading to create a list of reference articles that discuss 
>about Cancer Metabonomics/Metabolomics using NMR (either in the 
>abstract, or in any part of the text) from pubmed. Since Manual 
>fishing is cumbersome, I am wondering is there any programmatic 
>access for this database?
>Any pointers towards this is much appreciated.
>Best Regards
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Paolo Romano (paolo.romano at istge.it)
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