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From: Phil Leggetter <phil at leggetter.co.uk>
Date: 17 June 2010 07:16
Subject: Kwwika - World Cup Web Development competition announced
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Firstly, apologies for the cross post. I originally posted this here
on the TechMeetup forum but Magnus of T-List just informed me of this
more Dundee focused group.

I'm working on a project called Kwwika which allows anybody to add
real-time push functionality to your website. To try and get people
developing using Kwwika we've decided to create a competition that
will hopefully encourage web developers to sign up for the opportunity
of winning an Apple iPad.

The purpose of the competition is to see who can build the most
engaging real-time push World Cup 2010 web application.

More details can be found in the following locations:

* Blog post announcment:
* Kwwika Wiki with competition details:
* A real-time push World Cup demo created to give people an idea of
what can be built: http://kwwika.com/Standalone/Demos/WorldCup2010/
(watch your browser as there is a lot of data here)

If you have any questions or ideas please feel free to get in touch
with me via phil at kwwika.com

Also, if you're not too fussed about the competition but would like to
have a play with Kwwika then also get in touch.



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