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Apollogies for the typo, this course is held on MAY 9,10 and 11 of 2011.

The deadline is May 1st 2011.

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                    ***    REMINDER     ***

                      Deadline for applications May 1st 2011

Dear All

The Bioinformatics Training Course course RNA11 is OPEN for applications

RNA11                                                 Application Deadline
RNA Bioinformatics                                Until  May 1st 2011
with Lars Barquist (Sanger) and Anton Enright (EBI)

Course dates: MAY 9th 11th 2011

RNA11 - An introduction to tools for identifying and characterizing
RNA sequences

Course description:


This course will give an overview of RNA and the informatic challenges
associated with studying RNA. This course will be run as a mixture of
lectures and hands-on problem solving sessions.


The course is practical in nature. After participating attendees will
be aware of the difficulties in dealing with RNA. Current methods for
addressing these challenges and the limitations of each approach. They
should be able to predict RNA secondary structures, be able to use
state of the art RNA homology search tools, predict RNA:RNA
interactions, and use comparative methods for studying RNA structure.

Course Pre-requisites:
Basic Molecular Biology. Graduate level understanding of Molecular
Biology. A basic level of computer knowledge will be assumed.

Target Audience:
Biologists interested in applying computational tools for RNA sequence
analysis to their research.

Course fee: 240.00 (for 3 days at Euro 80.00), lunch is included for
non-campus people.

more information at


Information on all GTPB courses at

Pedro Fernandes
GTPB Coordinator

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