[BiO BB] Understanding Pre-processing algorithms

Eric Songhill eric_songhill at fastmail.fm
Mon Jan 23 15:48:25 EST 2012


I'm a newbie to the field of bioinformatics and I'm trying to learn
about micro-arrays (e.g affymetrix genechip ) and about pre-processing
algorithms. I understand that one of the most widely used algorithms for
pre-processing is the RMA algorithm. This algorithm is the algorithm I'm
trying to understand. It's supposed to have 3 steps ( background
correction, normalization, summarization ). My question is what are the
inputs and the outputs of such a pre-processing algorithm. Is the
"input" data for a pre-processing algorithm a CEL file ?? Is this CEL
file the file that the micro-array computer scanner returns as a result
to the user ??? Is the CEL an image file viewable in an image viewer and
if so where can I find sample CEL files ? And what is the output of the
algorithm ? 

  Eric Songhill
  eric_songhill at fastmail.fm

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