[Bioclusters] Dual Athlons

Ivo Grosse grosse@cshl.org
Sat, 25 Aug 2001 22:43:13 -0400

Hi Joel,

thanks a lot.  I didn't know the site www.aceshardware.com before, and 
it is very interesting.

We also had a few opportunities so far to run our applications on 
different platforms, including some dual-athlons, and in terms of 
performace our results are consistent with those published at 
www.aceshardware.com.  Unfortunately, I don't know any benchmark test 
of "thermal stability," and that is just one of several important 
questions for us.  Hence, I am still interested to hear of any 
"real-world" experience with dual-Athlon clusters.

Again, thanks for your email.


Joel Dudley <dnaboy76@yahoo.com> wrote on Sat, 25 Aug 2001:

> If you go to www.aceshardware.com they have a dual
> athlon benchmark. Dual athlons at 1.2 GHz whupped dual
> P4 Xeons at 1.7 GHz in almost every test. I know what
> I am going to get whenI build my next server. Not sure
> which vendor they used, probably home built.
> - Joel Dudley