[Bioclusters] Clusters for bioinformatics... Some numbers or

Jeremy Mann jeremy@bioc09.v19.uthscsa.edu
Thu, 30 Aug 2001 13:18:05 -0500 (CDT)

> Hi Ivo,
> Ivo Grosse wrote:

> In a corporate environment you have the money to purchase a cluster and
> users who need their computers to be secure and predictable during day
> to day operation.  A cluster is a small amount of money compared to,
> potentially, screwing up the operation of your business.  With all that
> said a system like Condor, thank you Jeremy, may address most of these
> technical issues, and could be a good approach.  The accounting
> department probably won't want jobs running on their systems
> regardless, and rightly so.  

There is more control over the Condor system to that you can specify if a
computer hits this load number, or the keyboard and/or mouse is in use, or
this much free memory left, etc.... it will simply move onto the next
computer. But yes, you are right, I wouldn't install it in an environment
like that.

> If you have two classes of users who do and do not mind having this
> done to their systems, great.  If you have a computer lab for students
> which has bursty small cpu footprint usage (type 1), this would be a
> good place for your system.  I would love to know how it splits up in
> the academic universe.

If you are in a university setting like myself, the computers that we use
and operate belong to our department. I would never consider installing
Condor in another department, simply for the fact that I would have no
control over them and its on a totally different network.

Jeremy Mann