[Bioclusters] RE: About the parallel Blast on PVM

Joseph Landman bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
20 Aug 2002 10:47:02 -0400

Hi Filatei:

  Which version of gcc are you running?   I do not think that gcc (prior
to 3.0) does 64 bit on Solaris by default.  There are specific
instructions to make gcc do 64 bit code building for you (see
What I have seen indicates that gcc 3.1 is the minimum recommended for
64 bit binary generation on most of Solaris running on 64 bit capable
hardware (see http://www.sunfreeware.com/gcc.html).

  As for the specific platform it uses, the script
(ncbi/make/makedis.csh) uses 

	set os=`uname -s`

to grab the "vendor" name of the OS (try 'uname -s' on your shell). 
Then it uses 'uname -r' to get the OS release name.  The problem is that
by default, this script doesn't seem to set the platform to solaris64. 
If someone could loan me some time/access to a 64 bit late model solaris
machine, I think I might be able to hack a fix to this.

  Either way, this script also checks for the use of the gcc compiler. 
If gcc is being used, it sets the platform=solaris-gcc.  By default this
is a 32 bit compiler, unless you specifically built it for 64 bit
operation.  You would need to modify the
ncbi/platform/solaris-gcc.ncbi.mk file to reflect the option changes.


On Tue, 2002-08-20 at 10:29, Akpodigha Filatei wrote:
> Thanks Joe for your reply.  I have the source, made some modifications to get it to work with my gcc but, for some reasons, the makedis.csh script could not figure out that it is solaris64.ncbi.mk that it needs to use.  It uses solaris.ncbi.mk to do the build.  One option I am thinking of trying is to copy the solaris64.ncbi.mk to solaris.ncbi.mk.
> Will get back to you on how this goes.
> Thanks
> Filatei 

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