[Bioclusters] Arachne on Linux

Ognen Duzlevski bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
23 Aug 2002 11:44:35 -0500


I have compiled arachne successfully on a Debian box with gcc 2.95.4.

There were changes required to some of the files: String.h, String.cc
and the references to #include "procbuf.h" needed to be changed to
#include <procbuf.h> everywhere. After this I downloaded
xerces-c.1.5.1.so from 

and unpacked it and copied the .so into the Arachne_src directory (you
might not need this step as I was given a binary Tru64 download which
included the source so the xerces library was in coff alpha format).

After all this mangling, everything worked out fine.

Here is what I added to String.h (find the section where this method is
declared - there are several of them):

String ToString(long int x);

Then in String.cc basically implement this method by adding:
String ToString(long int x)
	string answer;
	strstream s;
	s << x;
	s >> answer;
	return answer;

After this, it will all compile (at least worked for me).

What problems are you exactly having with the compilation?

Hope this helped!

On Thu, 2002-08-22 at 16:29, bioinfo wrote:
> Hello,
>     Has anyone attempted to get Arachne working on RedHat 7.3?  I am
> having some difficulty getting the code to compile correctly and would
> love to hear some insight from someone else who may have attempted this.
> Thanks in advance for the info,
> Mark