[Bioclusters] RE: About the parallel Blast on PVM

Marc Rieffel bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Fri, 23 Aug 2002 16:25:16 -0700

>Dear Ognen,
>I'm trying to obtain the best from our hardware possibility to give a
>Blast server to biology scientist. Seem that we could have 32-CPU's

Paracel BLAST is a commercially-supported BLAST program designed for 
Beowulf-style clusters.  It is based on NCBI BLAST source code, with 
extensive modifications to support distributed-memory computation and to 
overcome some of the performance bottlenecks of NCBI BLAST.  Most jobs 
that NCBI BLAST can run, Paracel BLAST can run significantly faster, and 
Paracel BLAST can run some jobs that are way too large for NCBI.  

For more information, see 
http://www.paracel.com/products/paracel_blast.html.  Evaluation copies 
can be requested from http://blast.paracel.com.

Marc Rieffel
Product Manager, Paracel BLAST
Paracel, Inc.