[Bioclusters] Oscar Linux cluster and Local Blast Server

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Hi Lance,
	RLX Technologies has an evaluation program as well for the turnkey
RLX BLAST Cluster Solution.=20
This white paper might be helpful
http://www.rlx.com/pdf/RLXSCCTechWP_v1.0.pdf, as well as the info on =
the RLX
Cluster Solutions

I believe that the Apple optimizations are only for BLASTN searches - =
correct me if I'm wrong on Apple.

Mike McCardle
Systems Software Engineer
RLX Technologies, Inc.

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Hello Lance,

> At Massachusetts General Hospital, we are looking to set up a local=20
> blast server, preferably with the NCBI algorithm, on a computing
> cluster. We have installed the OSCAR clustering package
> http://sourceforge.net/projects/oscar/
> on a small
> test cluster of computers running Red Hat Linux 7.2 on Intel. Does=20
> anyone know of an
> open source blast-for-cluster package that would run under this=20
> cluster management suite or is there a
> commercial package you are already running that you think is=20
> worthwhile??? We are also considering Apple's Xserve with the G4=20
> accelerated blast to compare against the above system.
> --=20

Have you heard of TurboBlast by Turbogenomics?  I believe they have an
evaluation program.



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