[Bioclusters] new biocluster pics online - Sun LX50 linux box + 20 cpu Dell compute farm @ Harvard

chris dagdigian bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Wed, 04 Dec 2002 18:13:35 -0500

For the people like me who are total infrastructure geeks...

I've put some more pictures up in the 
http://bioteam.net/gallery/bioclusters gallery:

(1) http://bioteam.net/gallery/SunLX50

(Not a cluster!) just images of the internal/external layout of Sun's 
new Linux-on-Intel box that bioteam is eval'ing. Also shots of 'Sun 
Linux 5.0' installing. All in all not super exciting unless one has a 
particular interest in the LX50 hardware although I'd love to know if 
people can figure out which contract manufacturer is stamping these out 
for Sun as the chassis looks super familiar :)

(2) http://bioteam.net/gallery/HarvardStats

20-cpu Linux compute farm using Dell hardware. All nodes attached via 
GigE thanks to onboard 1000-TX nics on the PowerEdge 1650 nodes.  Built 
over the last 2 days for the Department of Statistics at Harvard 
University. Running Sun GridEngine 5.3p2 right now and will mostly be 
used for running internally-developed software plus some common 
informatics applications. The compute nodes have dual 80gig IDE drives 
and we will be experimenting with Linux software raid mirroring on a 
partition or two so as to get maximum IO on local disk. This is because 
the head node + Dell's general reputation having a really slow 
performing line of PERC RAID controllers means that the head node is 
going to be a performance bottleneck if it gets thrashed with NFSv3 
fileservices duties.


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