[Bioclusters] Sun Grid Engine install on Linux

chris dagdigian bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Tue, 10 Dec 2002 15:21:56 -0500


Have you picked a TCP port and defined "sge_commd" in your /etc/services 
file on all nodes in your cluster so that your SGE daemons know what 
port to listen to when they start up? Are you sure that your qmaster 
daemons all launching correctly and are listening on the correct network 

If that is not the problem then it is likely related to the 
external/internal hostname issue. SGE has some hostname tools in one of 
the install directories that may be able to help debug the problems.

I can follow up with you offline on this if needed. Its very interesting 
to see you are from DFCI --  I just finished an SGE cluster install at 
Harvard Stats department and we are working on a SGE-on-Mac-OS-X 
prototype apple xserve blastfarm project for someone else at Dana Farber 
Cancer Institute...our DFCI contact for that project is Paul Morrison.

BioTeam Inc.

JP Glutting wrote:
> I am having some problems getting SGE working on a small linux cluster.
> I get the following error:
>   unable to contact qmaster via "master" commd - commlib error: "READ 
> when trying to add an admin host, using the "install_qmaster" script
> (the master node, named "master" internally, but "rioja" externally). I 
> am not sure if this is a naming problem, or somethign to do with the way
> the ports are configured. I have all the nodes with an /etc/services
> file that reserves port 555 for the sge_commd service.
> Any ideas about what could be responsible for this, or what files I 
> could edit to get this working? I am already editing the 
> default/common/act_qmaster file to get the qmaster and scheduler daemons 
> to start.
> Any help appreciated...
> Cheers,
> JP
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