[Bioclusters] altivec-HMMER bechmark results from Erik Lindahl - 6x faster than dual Athlon

Dave Waddell bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Wed, 11 Dec 2002 11:40:40 -0500

Don't want to start a processor war but the current Intel chip is a
3.06GHz Pentium 4 not a 1GHz Pentium 3. IMHO, benchmark results should
match current hardware or don't make them at all.

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Subject: [Bioclusters] altivec-HMMER bechmark results from Erik Lindahl
- 6x faster than dual Athlon

Some nice data from Erik Lindahl at Stanford regarding the new apple=20
altivec enhancements that were added to the hmmer codebase:

> Hmmsearch on the dual-1.25 GHz G4 is 6.2 times faster than on a dual
> Hmmpfam is less impressive, mainly because it spends less time in the
> core routines, but as far as I know hmmsearch is the most important
program anyway.
> Sean Eddy has also confirmed that he will be including this altivec
> optimization in the next official version of HMMer, whenever that is
released. In the
> meantime I've put my optimized version at
> http://csb.stanford.edu/lindahl/altivec/
> Since it is licensed under the GPL anybody can use and distribute it.

Benchmark data from Erik is enclosed in PDF form.

BioTeam has built a double-clickable Mac OS X package installer for this

code but I've been a slacker and have yet to put it on our website.=20
Interested parties should email me directly if they want the package=20
version of these binaries.


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