[Bioclusters] altivec-HMMER bechmark results from Erik Lindahl - 6x faster than dual Athlon

Elia Stupka bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Thu, 12 Dec 2002 10:48:39 +0800 (SGT)

> I should have added the usual disclaimer though: "do your own tests if 
> you want to draw real conclusions" heh.

And also (as someone who has just chosen a G4 cluster over a PIII cluster)
theoretical benchmarks are nice, but you need to look at the benchmarks of
processors you can buy in this particular moment in your particular
location at a similar price. I also love going on about the fact that some
of the optimisations that have been done for Altivec could easily be done
for PIII or P4, however, somehow Apple have invested into a development
community to do that, while Intel has not really...


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