[Bioclusters] software raid / ISMB rollcall / Platform question(s)

Chris Dagdigian bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 10:57:12 -0400

Hi folks,

Random bits to throw out...

(1) Anyone have any good methodologies to share regarding maximizing 
linux-on-intel file I/O with cheap ATA drives and linux software RAID? 
We've been seeing some amazing numbers on a couple of prototype cluster 
compute nodes using pairs of 80gig ATA drives controlled by a Promise 
ATA card running reiserfs on top of software RAID0. The tests are not 
complete yet but the numbers appear to be better than what we can 
squeeze from (a) scsi drives, (b) a direct SAN connection and (c) a 
single 100Tx connection to a Netapp F840 NAS filer.  We'll eventually 
post what we find to be our 'best config' once our tests are done. We 
also need to get numbers from the Netapp when we have a gigE link.

(2) Kris B. asked if people were going to ISMB'02 (www.ismb02.org) and I 
can't remember what the response was. I'm going to be in Edmonton from 
July 31 - August 7th organizing the BOSC conference and then attending 
ISMB. I'd be up for a beer/BOF session if other bioclusters folks are 
going to be in Edmonton.

(3) Platform computing questions

  o Anyone have any observations to make about the LSF 5.0 release?

  o Anyone have any information/observations on the new "Clusterware" 
product line -- I can't seem to find any information on what features it 
has/does-not-have when compared to LSF Standard. The demo license with a 
1-week lifespan is a royal pain so I have not run it at home yet.


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