[Bioclusters] software raid / ISMB rollcall / Platform question(s)

J.W. Bizzaro bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Wed, 24 Jul 2002 11:45:48 -0400

Chris Dagdigian wrote:
> (2) Kris B. asked if people were going to ISMB'02 (www.ismb02.org)

Gary Van Domselaar will be the only one there affiliated with

As for me, I will be participating in a panel discussion at the IEEE
bioinformatics conference


on August 15, along with our good friend Steve Brenner and others.  This will be
at Stanford.  I will be staying in San Jose on the nights of the 14th and 15th. 
I live in the Boston area and have never been to the SF area, so I'd be glad to
meet up with anyone during my short stay.

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