[Bioclusters] LSF 4.2 w/ Redhat 7.2 (2.4.X kernel with glibc2.2) install problem

Kristian Vlahovicek bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
Wed, 1 May 2002 10:04:33 +0200 (CEST)

Hey Chris,

We are currently in a process of evaluating LSF on our 16x1.3GHz Athlons 
running RH 7.2 and glibc 2.2. We have been running SGE for some time now 
and it was quite sufficient for what we needed, but we got the possibility 
to buy LSF at a very reasonable price so we decided to give it a try :)

WRT the installation, it went smoothly, no problems with glibc. However, 
we did not manage to get the daemons to bind to a correct interface on 
master. We migt be missing something (anyone with more experience with LSF 
administration is welcome to suggest the solution), or could this be the 
glibc incompatibility? OTOH, workers seem to be working quite fine...

basically, our master has 2 interfaces, eth0 (external net - public IP) 
and eth1 (cluster net - private IP), each named differently. when doing 
hostsetup after install, it queries the hostname on the master and gets 
the public one and a) either it complains about host not being listed in 
the servers list (in case we put the private iface name) or b) sets 
everything up without complaints, but then master sees only itself and the 
rest of the cluster see each other but not the master. (lshosts and 
bhosts). Any ideas? As I said, we just started the eval, so there might be 
a trivial solution to this burried somewhere in the documentation, but the 
out-of-the-box thing does not work. Tried to see if there were any 
switches to the lim daemon to direct it to the proper interface, but it 
seems not...


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On Tue, 30 Apr 2002, Chris Dagdigian wrote:

> Hey folks,
> I've got a Platform LSF 4.2 distro that is bombing out during the 
> install process. I've tracked the problem down to the install script not 
> being able to determine the correct set of system binaries it is 
> supposed to install.
> The cluster is up-to-date but not bleeding-edge. I'm using a mostly 
> stock 2.4.18 kernel compiled from the official Redhat Rawhide 2.4.18 rpm 
> series. All the systems have all the latest update RPM's installed.
> Reading the Platform website shows that they only claim to be supporting 
>   2.4 kernels with glibc2.1 which is disconcerting because my systems 
> here all have glibc2.2.4-22. They also only have binaries for 
> linux-2.4-glibc2.1 on their FTP site.
> I don't consider glibc2.2 all that new or exotic and I don't want to 
> downgrade so I figured I'd ask this list at the same time I put in a 
> query to Platform engineering...
> Anyone running LSF on linux clusters with glibc2.2? Anyone else have 
> trouble getting LSF 4.2 to install out of the box on a updated RH7.2 
> platform? I think the installer scripts might be a bit flaky but the 
> binaries seem fine.
> -Chris
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