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	What type of internship are you considering?  How far would you
be willing to travel?  I might have something in mind, but I don't wish
to clutter up the list...  Please contact me off of this list using
bioinfo@biosystemsconsulting.com as the email address if you are still


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I am a comp sci student in Canada commencing my final year of undergrad
studies and have decided to take some bioinformatics courses offered at
our University so that my degree is officially with a track in
bioinformatics. In the meantime I am looking for an internship in the
United States, mostly for gaining real-world experience in the field
(money is really not a serious requirement - I would work for less as
long as its a fun and learning experience). I have worked and been
associated for more than one year with the National Research Council of
Canada's Plant Biotechnology Institute where I have developed a
multi-threaded version of clustalw available for free download in source
code form from http://bioinfo.pbi.nrc.ca/clustalw-smp/ (application note
pending review with the Journal of Bioinformatics) and I realized I
rather enjoy optimizing/parallelizing old and producing new
bioinformatics applications.

If anyone has an idea of where to look for an internship, please let me
know. I have 2+ years work experience (working full-time while being an
undergrad) and have been programming for the past 10+ years as a hobby.

Thank you,
Ognen Duzlevski
Saskatoon, SK, Canada

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