[Bioclusters] finishing scripts for cluster installation

Joseph Landman bioclusters@bioinformatics.org
15 Oct 2002 02:19:36 -0400

Hi folks:

  I put up some pages on using finishing scripts for fine tuning cluster
installations.  You can find them at

  They will work with most any distribution, but are somewhat biased
towards RPM based distributions.  They will also work with most of the
current popular cluster distributions with multiple system images (e.g.
cluster compute nodes with full OS loads).

  Feel free to look them over, use them, etc. 
Comments/questions/critiques are encouraged.  I am looking to build
scriptlets that will automatically install bioinformatics packages which
are not currently setup in RPM or similar installable formats.

Joseph Landman, Ph.D
Scalable Informatics LLC
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  web: http://scalableinformatics.com
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